Anchorage, Alaska’s H2Oasis Indoor Waterpark!

IMG_4191H2Oasis is a family friendly indoor water park filled with fun activities, water slides and more! Located in Anchorage, Alaska and is the 5th largest indoor water park in America; H2Oasis is definitely a good place to stop by.
Splash around in the lazy river or even float around on an inner tube. Try not to scream on both the 368 and 150 foot long water slides!! Both dropping into 3 feet deep of water. Have young children? The water park also provides a Pirate Ship specifically made for young toddlers, children, and even babies! This ship has mini short slides, tunnels, water fountains and more! Try the wave pool which generates waves for a real life effect!! Float around on an inner tube or swim the waves!! If all this sounds like a blast then try celebrating a birthday or even hosting a party here. Private areas are provided for your special events!
Swimming is a lifelong sport. It can improve your health; provide entertainment, confidence, and skills that can improve your life. At H2Oasis we understand the value of basic water safety and swimming essentials. The Staff at H2Oasis is dedicated to water instruction that will provide the public with an exceptional grasp of the aquatic environment.
H2Oasis provides lockers for your personal items as well as showers and changing rooms. Swim lessons for children are available as well as exercise classes for adults!
And with all that swimming you are guaranteed to get hungry. H2Oasis has a food court located upstairs! They serve food from hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, soda, salads, fries and much more!
H2Oasis does not take cards but does have an ATM available.

Located at: 1520 O’Malley Road Anchorage, Alaska

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