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An Anchorage Real Estate Virtual Tour Can be an iPhone Production

Anchorage Real Estate

A newly-updated NAR survey confirms that 51% of agents with smartphones use iPhones. This fact is hardly startling, since these phones have been such a boon to the real estate business. Today’s agent can use apps to quickly scan and electronically sign documents, instantly get property details for clients, access key boxes—it’s almost hard to remember how we got along before! But what about the 9% of homeowners who choose to go the FSBO (For Sale by Owner) route? As … Continue reading

Anchorage Real Estate Residents’ Credit Scores Could Improve Under FICO 9

Anchorage Real Esatte

For any Anchorage Real Estate resident who has ever been stymied by seemingly arbitrary (or, put another way, nutty) lowering of his or her all-important credit score, next month’s beginning rollout of Fair Isaac’s new credit score model should be welcome news. It will be known as “FICO 9”—and promises to correct a few of the previous model’s inadequacies. Why now? It’s been six years since San Jose’s Fair Isaac Co. last tinkered with their credit score methodology. Hmmmm…it’s been … Continue reading

When do Alaska Elk turn into Moose?

When do Alaska Elk turn into Moose

For anyone to bask in Alaska’s rugged frontier appeal or vast untamed wilderness it’s important to have an understanding on the diverse wildlife, natural processes, geological oddities and robust history of our storied state. If you’re considering moving to Alaska, or even stopping by for a visit, you’ll probably have a few questions. Don’t worry! We’ve heard them all before, and we’ve prepared this cheat sheet to address the four most commonly asked questions we hear from those new to … Continue reading

Choose a New Anchorage Real Estate Home That Addresses Tomorrow’s Needs

Anchorage Real Estate

“At the end of the day…” “The bottom line…” “When all is said and done…” The final verdict on whether any activity is ultimately deemed a triumph comes down to how successfully it addresses future circumstances. It’s especially relevant when you find yourself at the outset of searching for a new Anchorage Real Estate home. That’s not always as easy as you might think. The pressures of the moment (especially when the change of residence is mandated by outside factors—like … Continue reading

Anchorage Real Estate Property Type Wording Shapes Buyer Expectations

Anchorage Real Estate

If you are preparing to sell your property in Anchorage this fall, it’s worth considering what the marketing angle will be: how to characterize it most accurately—and appealingly. It starts with the choice of wording for your home’s property type, which will set up prospective buyers’ expectations before they come upon the more detailed description. Cottage or Bungalow This property description instantly conjures up images of a small, cozy, picturesque Anchorage Real Estate property. Buyers attracted to a cottage are … Continue reading

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