After School Art Studio for Kids, Anchorage Alaska

0Art Studio Classes are a great addition to your After School developmental plan for your kids. Classes are ongoing and designed to evolve and build progressive skills in creativity, self expression and individuality. Kids can participate in Drawing, Painting, Comic Book Adventures and Sculpture classes consecutively or randomly to get great benefits. 

Visual Art Education develops important cognitive skills like sustained, selective, and divided attention, memory retention and recall, logic and reasoning, auditory processing and visual processing (ability to perceive, analyze and think in visual images) and processing speed. 

Art Studio Classes provide many developmental benefits including Self Expression, Creativity, Individuality and FUN!!!!

Classes will be held every night for your child to develop and to grow in art. Let them experience the fun and excitement!

Event will be held at Blaines Art Studio.1025 Photo Ave. Anchorage, Alaska.
Event will take place every 7:00pm from May 5th to May 8th, 2014.
For events taking place on the Kenai Peninsula click HERE.

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