Color Run 2014 in Anchorage, Alaska

Its Back!! The Color Run will be debuting in Anchorage, Alaska this coming June 28th starting at 1600 Gambell St. The Color Run is the largest event series in the nation, bringing friends, families and athletes together for a good cause. Runners can vary from seasoned athletes to new runners, but remember to wear white, have fun, and prepared to get covered in colorful paint at the finish. At the Color Run, the start line is its own pre-race party with music, dancing, warmup stretching and giveaways!

The Color Run is introducing their new Kaleidoscope Tour. Kaleidoscopes demonstrate the beauty of motion and change. Register either with a team or individually! You and your friends can run, have fun, laugh, and get covered with paint all together! There are no winners and no official times. Over 60% of Color Run participants are first time 5k runners who participate as a celebration and capstone of their healthy living accomplishments.

This year the Color Run will be working with a local charity, the Boys & Girls Clubs in Alaska. The Color Run is a for-profit company and loves the opportunity it has to partner with charities on this event. Founded in 2012, the Color Run celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality, bringing the community together to create a five-kilometer canvas of colorful fun. This run is truly one of a kind. Participants can expect novel course attractions, fresh participant gear and new store merchandise.

The Color Run will take place on Saturday June 28th, 2014 at 8:00am.

Costs for tickets are $55.00 for individual runners and $50.00/person for a Team of 4 runners.

Location of the start of event is at 1600 Gambell St. Anchorage, Alaska.

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