Is It Time to Move On from Your Alaska Real Estate Empty Nest?

bigstock-Happy-family-near-new-house-R-36426763The kids are gone. Your big house seems either dreadfully empty or just plain wasteful.  Congrats: you are officially in possession of a Alaska Real Estate empty nest! Now it’s time to consider where and how you want to live next.
When Do You Sell?
It’s not a bad time to be selling in Kenai Real Estate—but since you will be buying, too, you would have to deduce that it might not be the perfect time to be on that side of the table. When you are swapping your full-sized family home for a snug nest for two, you want to get full value for your old home without paying too much for the new one. If you can swing it, you may want to buy before you sell. That puts you in control of the time factor, providing freedom to hold out for a prime offer while you find new digs at a reasonable price.
What Will You Need?
Another challenge that goes with the Real Estate Kenai empty nest situation is the need to accurately foresee future needs. One of the great things about downsizing is the possibility of trading size for features that used to be impractical. According to the Des Moines Register, developers there had rushed to lay new home foundations before winter set in. Anticipating a strong spring buying season, they were building townhome communities—smaller homes with maintenance packages and ranch-style designs ideal for empty nesters and retirees who favor more accessible layouts and community amenities.
How Do You “Dispose” of Your Stuff?
When you think about saying goodbye to your Kenai Real Estate empty nest, you soon realize it’s not quite empty enough. You just don’t need all that accumulated stuff—so after you’ve offered the kids the opportunity to take what they’d like, the best strategies usually combine charitable giving and auctions or yard sales. There’s a lot of utility left in many of the things you don’t need any more, and it would be a shame for it to end up in a landfill.
If you’re considering buying or selling your Alaska Real Estate in the coming year, it’s not too early to contact me for a consultation. Good luck…and happy nesting!

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