“Mysteries” Story telling show #2 at Anchorage’s Discovery Theater tonight!

Anchorage Real EstateShow #2 is TONIGHT. Get your tickets. Get excited. http://bit.ly/1eMeFGi In the spirit of “This American Life,” “The Moth,” and other urban storytelling events, Arctic Entries brings Alaskans to the stage to share their personal stories, funny, sad and sweet. At each performance, seven people each tell a seven-minute long, true story relating to the show’s theme. Local musicians perform, as well.

Arctic Entries: Season 5 is presented by Arctic Entries.

Season 5 Schedule

Episode 2: MysteriesStories of Suspects, Revelations and Unanswered Questions Episode 3: Close CallsBrushes with Fame, Fortune and Death Episode 4: Whatever WorksStories of Odd Jobs, Office Politics and the Things We Do for Money Episode 5: I Got ThisStories of Persistence, Insistence and Grabbing the Bull By the Hornes Episode 6: ExperimentsStories of Fiascos, Odd Couples and New Discoveries Episode 7: GetawaysStories of Going Undercover, Finding Paradise and Gettin’ the Hell Outta Dodge Episode 8: Seriously?!Stories of Skepticism, Opportunity and Getting Blindsided Episode 9: Go Big or Go HomeStories of Risks, the Extra Mile and the Last Hurrah



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