Help for Alaska First Time Home Buyers!

As the end of 2014 approached, the National Association of Realtors® was able to come up with some general observations on the makeup of the current market—facts that anyone expecting to deal with Alaska home buyers in the coming year should find useful. With consumer attitudes showing improvement across the board, you might have expected that all segments of the home buying public would have shown increased activity. Not so. According to the NAR’s annual survey—the big one that they’ve … Continue reading

A “Magic Number” for House Flipping?

ABC’s Nightline recently aired an interesting segment about house flipping, which included a magic number that’s probably never been seen before. Alaska house flippers would have been glued to their TVs if they’d stayed up late enough to catch Nightline, because if authentically magical, it’s a good number to know. The segment was part of a series called “Realty Check.” This one was about new strategies in the “ever-competitive world of flipping.” The show started with some background about how … Continue reading

Alaska real estate: What Kind of Questions Should I Ask Before Buying a Home?

Anchorage Real Estate

Are you in love you the house you are going to purchase from Alaska real estate? If so, you should not forget asking some important questions prior to signing the agreement. The three major issues home buyers should resolve include condition of home, offering price and location of home. Read on to know about the questions you should ask before buying a house. Questions About Offering Price As a matter of fact, asking price have little to do with the … Continue reading

Alaska homes for sale: Are You Ready to Be a Home Buyer?

Anchorage Real Estate

Buyers of Alaska real estate make the biggest investment of their lives. This can be difficult for the majority of home buyers. Also, in some countries, home buyers are liable for mortgage.A lot of first time home buyers make a down payment for buying a house with an FHA loan. It means the house is leveraged. You cannot sell it with a hope to earn a profit. This is a type of commitment, actually, a long term commitment. Traits of … Continue reading

Alaska real estate: Should You Talk to a Lender First or a Real Estate Agent

Anchorage Real Estate

Are you after one of Alaska homes for sale? If so, you might have to find a lender or an agent. Getting started is the most difficult thing for most home buyers. Before you choose a mortgage lender, you should first talk to a good real estate agent. The agent will help you locate a good mortgage lender. Read on to find out more. All you have to do is contact an agent and have a chat with him for … Continue reading

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