Women’s Only Beginning Handgun Class Chugiak Alaska

Kgun_safetySummer is here and that means bear season. Knowing how to use a gun might come in handy living here in Alaska. Take advantage of this Women’s Only Beginning Handgun Class provided by Gun Start. Event will take place on Thursday, May 15 from 6:00pm to 9:30pm. Gun Start is a family run business committed to helping you gain the skills necessary to defend your life and the lives of others. – “This means these classes are comprehensive.  We are parents and take our job very seriously.  We know that the statistic say most people will only take one training class in their lifetime.  That means what you learn from us might very well be what saves your life someday.”

This Class covers: 
How to handle a gun Safely (4 rules of gun safety) 
The Parts of a gun and how it operates 
How to choose a gun that fits your hand and meets your unique needs 
How to load and unload safely 
How to hit what you are aiming at (grip, stance, sight picture/ alignment, Trigger control)

For more information or details call: (907) 441-2415
Price $99.00
Age Suitability 21 and up
Birchwood Recreation and Shooting Park
Chugiak, AK

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